What Is Parasite Seo

A Guide On What Is Parasite Seo

Are you looking for ways to rank higher on SERPs without having an authoritative website? Well, Parasite SEO can be your way to do so! Wondering What is Parasite SEO, how it works and what its benefits are? Worry not! In this blog, SEO Syrup has covered it all and much more. So, let’s get started:

What Is Parasite Seo?

Parasite SEO is a technique and a methodology of using a high-authority website to rank for competitive keywords and drive more organic traffic to your website. The word “Parasite” signifies that you are using the trust and authority of any other website to boost your website ranking. It all can be done without building your website’s backlinks or domain authority.

Parasite SEO is known by different names such as authority Jacking, Barnacle SEO and piggybank SEO. The practice is sometimes considered under black hat SEO if the expert is violating the best guidelines and best practices of search engines.


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How Does Parasite SEO Work?

Let’s have a look at how Parasite SEO actually works

Audience And Keyword Research:

First, you need to research for keywords and audience intent. Try to focus on keywords that are relevant to your niche. Apart from niche relevancy, factors like high search volume, low competition, and matching audience intent should be considered. Moreover, try to research the demographics, goals and preferences that make the content more attractive and solve their problems through it.

Select Parasite Site:

Once the keyword research is complete, find the high-authoritative website that ranks on your targeted keywords. The task can be done simply by using online free and paid tools such as Google Moz, SEMRUSH, Moz and Ahrefs. You can look at these websites and create your own web pages and profiles. You can look into their social platforms, blogs, forums, press release sites, online directories, etc.

Create And Optimise Content:

The next step is to create content that matches the user intent and target keywords. Ensure your content is high-quality, engaging and original to maximise its value for the users. Make sure it is plagiarism-free and cover the user queries to get most of the benefit from parasite SEO.

Promote Content:

Now, it’s time to promote your content and build the backlinks. The content can be shared on various social media platforms to generate more engagement traffic and get more exposure. Likewise, practice building backlinks on authoritative websites.

Monitor And Adjust The Strategy:

The next step is to monitor and adjust the strategy accordingly. Track the results with the help of tools such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, etc. You can monitor the results such as content engagement, number of leads generated, conversion rate, traffic, etc.


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How To Implement Parasite Seo?

Here is how to Implement Parasite SEO on various platforms:

Search For High Authority Websites/ Publications To Parasite Seo:

The first thing to do is find high-authority websites that let you publish the parasite SEO content and blogs. You can search for high-authority publications by searching for the topic on search engines and studying the top-ranking pages.

Go For Sponsored Content:

Search for the websites that allow guest posts and publish them. You might have to pay a small amount for the sponsored content. Search for websites that allow guest post with minimum charges and higher domain authority.

Since you are investing in blog, you can add Call for action buttons and add more than one do-follow link in the content.

Use On-Page SEO fundamentals:

Try to spend some quality time on On-Page SEO. The website authority alone cannot help to rank it higher on SERPs. Use the tools like Google Search Console and optimise content accordingly to rank.

Link Building:

Link Build your Parasite SEO content apart from guest posting to ensure high ranking and stay competitive online.

Benefits Of Parasite Seo:

A few of the benefits of Parasite SEO are:

Visibility In Search Engine:

Among the main agendas to use Parasite SEO is to enhance visibility in Search Engines. Parasite SEO helps the website to rank higher faster by leveraging the trust and authority of other websites that are already ranked.

Boost Domain Authority:

The parasite SEO is helpful to improve and boost the Domain authority quicker, by linking it to high authority websites. High domain authority also leads to more conversions and boosting brand and business.

Get more traffic:

Parasite SEO is helpful for higher rankings and drive more organic traffic to the website. The practice redirects the traffic from high authority website to your website.


That’s all about Parasite SEO and its benefits. It is important to note here that Parasite SEO is technique of using high-authority sites and rank on competitive keywords for own website benefits. You can get benefits like gaining high ranking, boost visibility and get more traffic faster. It is pertinent to note here that leveraging other website authority is not a Black Hat technique, so the SEO experts can use it while working on other techniques.


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