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Increase Conversion Rate

How To Increase Conversion Rate with SEO?

Are you wondering How To Increase Conversion Rate with SEO? Don’t worry we got you covered.

Conversion rate is highly important to all businesses, it refers to the percentage of visitors that take the desired action or “convert” by completing the website’s goal. This goal can be anything from booking a call, signing up for a newsletter to purchasing a product. A higher conversion rate indicates to search engines of high quality user experience, engagement, and relevance, ranking you higher for SEO success.

In this blog, we will tell you how to increase conversion rate with SEO to maximise your revenue and sales. We will provide you with 5 tips that will elevate your business by building authority and credibility through creation of high level content.

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5 Tips on How to Increase Conversion Rate with SEO

Increasing conversion rate means producing content that captures the audience’s attention and prompts them to make a decision. To convert the visitors, you need to ensure that your content is of their interest and is easily accessible to them on search engines. So let’s learn how to that:

1. Carry Out a Detailed Keyword Research

The most important step is to know your audience and for that you need to carry out a detailed keyword research.  Keyword research is a process of finding a list of keywords that you are looking to rank for. These keywords are the terms your audience could be searching for. The process involves intuitive thinking, competitor analysis and recognising the right keywords.

Keywords provide you with a good understanding of what might be interesting content for your audience. It further reveals the intent behind the user inquiry on the search engines. When you know the intention of your audience, it’s easier to produce content that will convert them into your clients.

2. Ensure Your Website is User Friendly

Another important part of converting your visitors is providing them with easy navigation of your website. If your website is easier to navigate for the audience with clear CTAs, it will be easier for them to make a decision. On the contrary, if your website is hard to interact with, it can lead to a higher bounce rate, meaning that the visitors click back after seeing your homepage.

As simple as it seems, if your website has a lower bounce rate, it means that the visitors on your website find your content interesting and the design easy to navigate. This could lead to the visitors making a decision that you are calling for, leading to a higher conversion rate.

3. Build Credible Backlinks

Backlinking is when a third website links your website on their blogs proving that your content is relevant and useful. Search engines see this as a positive signal and a sign of high credibility. Consequently. This leads to a higher ranking and also diverts traffic from third party websites to your site.

Backlinking can be in the form of your website being ranked as a good source of a certain service or even your blogs. In addition, if you carry out original research, it has a high chance of being backlinked proving that you are an authority on the topic. Therefore, producing high quality content that gets backlinks is essential for a higher conversion rate.

4. Optimise Your Content

Content optimization is important for a higher conversion rate. Content optimisation means understanding the intent of your audience and providing them the content that answers the intent behind their queries. This means if a person is looking for information, you provide him with information and if he is looking to make a transaction you provide him with easy access to the transaction page.

To provide such content to your audience you need to use your keyword research and divide it into different parts according to the intent of the user. If you are writing content for the landing page, use keywords that are transactional and if you are writing a blog, use keywords that are informational.

5. Avoid Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is poisonous for your website as it decreases your credibility for search engines. Duplicate content can be of two types, internal and external. Internal duplicate content means that your website includes text that has been repeated making it unworthy of audience attention. In contrast, external duplicating means that your content is present on another website, degrading your authority.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the content is not repeated as it can bring down your overall SEO ranking. This in turn makes it harder for users to find your content on search engines leading to a low traffic and an even lower conversion rate.


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Quick Sum Up

All in all, conversion rate is a sign of high quality content for search engines. It can capture the audience and prompt them to make a decision from your website. However, it depends upon several factors such as the quality of the content, user experience, backlinks and much more.

If your content answers the intent behind user queries and your website is easy to navigate, it leads to a higher conversion rate multiplying your business. Further, if you provide high quality content that other sources find relevant and authentic it could also boost your conversion rate due to higher credibility.


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