WordPress Seo Without Plugin

A Guide On WordPress Seo Without Plugin

SEO plugins are crucial in WordPress, but have you ever imagined WordPress SEO without plugins? Have you ever thought that you could optimise a WordPress site without any plugins?

The answer can be yes or no, but there is no doubt the whole process can become longer. SEO WordPress plugins are a great assist to us in optimising the site, such as it helps in meeting SEO standards of search engine algorithms, improving website rankings, etc. These plugins are life-saving for those who cannot comprehend coding, robots.txt files, PHP, and .htaccess files.

Still, plugins are only one of the ways to achieve positive search engine optimisation results. While these can be a great assistance in streamlining the process, there are many ways to optimise without relying on them.

Here in this blog, SEO Syrup has brought a complete guide on how to optimise WordPress SEO without Plugins. So, let’s have a look!


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Keyword Research:

Keyword research is the most important element of SEO, every optimisation strategy starts from keyword research. With effective keyword research reaching the SEO target can be quicker. While you are considering SEO of WordPress sites without plugins, ensure you are not taking keyword research lightly.

Every SEO strategy starts with keywords. Doing keyword research carries a lot of weight in hitting your SEO target. Research keywords with care before building any content to narrow down high search volume phrases. The best keyword is one with low competition, high search volume, and high relevance. The more a keyword is relevant to the search queries more it has the chance of ranking on search engine pages. It also leads to enhanced traffic and more visibility.

A relevant WordPress SEO plugin can carry out the keyword research. But when it is about optimisation without WordPress Plugin the task can be done by using other online free tools such as Google Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest.

Add Meta Tags Without Using WordPress Plugin:

Meta Tags are an important part of the content, these tags provide the crucial details about the website that appear in SERPs. The section is generally utilisied by webmasters to optimise sites for online visitors. We all know that meta description is also one of the types of meta tags.

The meta description provides the potential reader with more information about the article’s content. Many other tags are used in any blog or article, such as robots.txt meta tags, alternative meta tags, canonical meta tags, etc.

The meta description of the blog post gives a potential reader more context about what to expect from the article. Other meta tags include canonical meta tags, robots meta tags, alternative meta tags, open graph meta tags, etc.

Generally, the SEO plugins add these tags automatically, The plugins also support tailored content for meta tags with user-friendly interfaces. To add meta tags without using any plugin:

  • Open the functions.php file in the section of the wp-content/themes folder
  • Type or copy the relevant code and paste it into the already opened file.
  • Save and close the file.

The code is used to fetch the data of the first 160 characters on every page and use it as meta tags/meta descriptions.


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Creating Sitemap Without WordPress Plugin:

Sitemap is also one of the crucial parts of SEO as XML sitemaps help search engine crawlers in web optimisation. Sitemap is considered a method of categorising information on various sections of a website and identifying the URL online. An XML Sitemap is a file that contains a sitemap of the website, so search engine crawlers can get the information in XML format.

The sitemap can be created by WordPress plugins with advanced features and better output. However, it can be created through a custom code in the root folder of your website without the use of any plugins.

Write the custom code paste it into the functions.php file and publish it. Afterward, submit the sitemap for search engine crawling. It can be done by uploading the sitemap on Google Search Console.

Add Robots.Txt Without WordPress Plugins:

The robots.txt files are found on every website that informs the search engine crawlers which pages are allowed to be visited and which are not allowed to be visited. It is a similar function to adding “no index” meta tags to web pages but with a little more complexity.

The difference between the two is:

The robots.txt files are the way to instruct crawlers not to crawl specific pages, but with “no index” tags we allow the crawlers to crawl a page but not to index it in the search results. A general use of robots, txt is not allowing the crawlers to crawl in the cgi-bin files as there is nothing useful in it.


So, that’s how you can do WordPress SEO without a plugin. Whether it is about keyword search, adding a sitemap, or robots.txt, things can be done without the use of plugins. However, it requires a robust knowledge of coding and web development. Additionally, it is time to take the job. On the other hand, relying completely on plugins is not a good choice either. Therefore, the best way is to use a blend of both, i.e., rely on plugins but also choose a few things to be done manually as well. It ensures more chances of organic traffic, enhanced visibility, and high rankings of the website.


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