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How Social Media Helps SEO?

Are you also wondering how social media helps SEO?

Don’t worry you are not alone, it has been a long debate for almost a decade whether social media helps SEO to improve website ranking on Google. The controversy regarding how social media affects SEO ranking began back in 2010 when a Google employee claimed “social media as ranking signals.

These claims were denied by Google in 2014. Nevertheless, the statement only stands for the direct impact of social media on google. In this blog, we will look into how social media affects google indirectly and can help you boost your SEO ranking. 

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Does Social Media Affect SEO?

As of now it can be said with confidence that social media does not have a direct impact on SEO ranking by signalling, however it can boost your SEO ranking indirectly. 

What this means is that although there is no direct relation between the two, the correlation between SEO and social networks is very real. To understand this, let us delve a bit more deeper and discuss how social media helps SEO.

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How Can You Use Social Media to Boost SEO?

We have established in the previous section that social media does not directly impact SEO but there are still multiple ways it can boost your SEO ranking. Here are three ways how a well managed social media account can increase your visibility and credibility:

Share Your Content on Social Media

If you are not sharing your content on social media, you are missing out on huge traffic. Sharing your content doesn’t only engage your current followers but provides easy content access to a wider audience. This boosts your website traffic, resulting in a higher SEO ranking.

Gain Backlinks to Build Authority

Giving easy access content to a wider audience provides a higher chance of getting backlinks. Backlinks are crucial to SEO rankings and prove that your content is beneficial to other users. Google treats backlinks as authority signals leading to a higher SEO ranking.

Rank Your Profile for Search Terms

Another key benefit of an optimised social media profile is that you can rank for search terms in google. Although most people may want to access your website, they will also be ready to click on your social media profile to see if the provided content is reliable. You can also link your profile to the website to redirect this traffic.

Now that we have a good understanding of how social media can help SEO, let’s dive into some benefits of having an active social media profile.

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How Social Media Benefits SEO?

Social media is not only beneficial for enhancing brand awareness and customer engagement but as we have seen in the previous section, it has many benefits for SEO.

In this section, we will look at the top 5 SEO benefits of having an active social media profile.

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Increased Click-Through Rates (CTR): 

Social media engages and captivates audiences with visually appealing content and can lead to higher click-through rates (CTR) from social platforms to your website. Sharing relevant content, events, and product highlights on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest can entice users to explore further. This increases audience interaction with your brand and influences SEO to recognize your content’s relevance.

Accelerated Content Indexing: 

Sharing your latest content, trends, and insights on social media can lead to accelerated content indexing. This increases your SEO ranking, allowing users searching for trendy topics to discover your content more promptly and enhancing your SEO visibility.

Branded Search Volume: 

Consistent and engaging social media activity encourages user engagement and interactions, ultimately driving up branded search volume. As users become more familiar with your brand through social media exposure, they’re more likely to directly search for your brand name or related keywords. SEO treats this as an authority signal and boosts your brand’s online presence in search results.

Local SEO Boost: 

Local SEO is vital for businesses with physical stores. Utilising social media to promote location-based posts, events, and special offers can attract local prospects to your stores. You can also encourage users to share their experiences and reviews on social platforms like Facebook and Google My Business. This also enhances your local SEO efforts, making your business more visible to local customers.

Enhanced Brand Reputation: 

Social media platforms allow you to interact with your audience in real time, responding to questions, feedback, and reviews. Addressing customer concerns promptly and showcasing positive interactions can enhance your brand’s reputation and trustworthiness. Positive sentiment can indirectly influence SEO ranking putting you at the top.

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Quick Wrap-Up:

Despite the much controversy regarding the impact of social media on SEO ranking, it is established that there is no direct correlation between the two. Nevertheless, you can impact your SEO ranking with social media by different methods. Sharing content on social media provides you with a wider audience, with higher chances of backlinks to establish authority. In addition, you can also optimize your social media profile and rank for search terms for enhanced online presence.

Finally an engaging social media account can increase CTR, content indexing, brand reputation and much more, resulting in an indirect impact on SEO ranking. Therefore, we can’t neglect the role of social media when it comes to SEO ranking.

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