Industry Disruptions in SEO to Look Out For in 2024

Industry Disruptions in SEO to Look Out For in 2024

You won’t believe me if I tell you that 2023 is almost over. And guess what? You need to start preparing for industry disruption in SEO in 2024.

With the rapid developments in technology and changing SEO trends, your business will be heavily influenced in the next year. To stay ahead of the curve, you need to know about the latest industry disruptions in SEO. This will allow you to optimise your content for a higher search engine ranking.

In this blog, we will provide you with 10 industry disruptions in SEO that will change the way you work. In addition, we will give you tips on how to counter these challenges and use them to your benefit. Let’s begin!

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6 Industry Disruptions in SEO

There has been a lot of news regarding AI, and it has already been implemented by several search engines. Recently, Bing announced that it would replace one of its key features with AI. In addition, there are many other updates to algorithms that have revolutionised SEO. Below are 6 major industry disruptions in SEO that you need to look out for in 2024:

1. Is AI taking Taking Over?

AI has taken search engines by storm and is set to change how your audience searches. The data shows that more people are using chatbots to carry out their inquiries instead of search engines. In addition, AI has proven to simplify a lot of complex features. In a recent update, Bing announced that it would replace its disavow links feature with AI. The news is soaring with similar trends, and they are not likely to stop.

The reason behind this is that AI is facilitating users and improving search engines. In 2024, the trends are likely to stay similar, and you need to ensure that you are ahead of them. Expect AI to play a central role in how your content is created and how it is ranked.

2. Mobile Indexing

Search engines have realised that the majority of their audience comes from mobiles. With voice assistants and high accessibility, the use of mobile phones has significantly increased. Therefore, algorithms have started prioritising websites that are mobile-friendly. This trend is also not slowing down. Therefore, it is better to prepare content and websites that are optimised for mobile phones.

Experts have also found that, due to voice search inquiries, long-tail keywords have become more important. Now search engines are rating content based on how human-friendly it is and whether it can be used for conversations.

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3. Algorithm Updates

As mentioned previously, there is almost a new search engine update every other week. Technology is evolving, and you need to evolve with it. For the next year, there will be more algorithm updates, and you need to prepare for them.

Industry disruptions in SEO will require you to be on your toes and devise flexible content strategies. You will need to follow SEO news and see how the upcoming updates affect your content.

4. Your Expertise Matter

Search engines have started ranking content based on the expertise of the author. Your data is analysed and checked to see whether the author has the right knowledge to be commenting on the issue. This is one of the many changes that Google has also made to improve the user experience and provide accurate results.

5. Reduced SERP Features

Search engine result pages are being simplified, with Google removing many features such as how-to rich results. The popular search engine has also reduced FAQs to high-authority websites and government agencies. You can expect further simplifications for the year 2024 in an attempt to streamline the user experience.

6. Lesser Manual Control

Search engines are not only making it easier to search but also to publish content. They are continuously automating to remove the manual control. Where you previously required a person to carry out a task, now your search engine will do that for you. 

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Wrapping It Up!

The industry disruption in SEO shows that your business will be heavily influenced in the coming year. AI will play a greater role in how you create content and how your content is ranked. In addition, mobile indexing will be further prioritized along with author expertise. You will see further simplifications in search engines as a user and a developer. The best strategy is to outsource your SEO to a reliable SEO agency.

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