Google removed How-to rich results

Google Completely Removes How-To Rich Results, But Should You Be Really Bothered?

Google completely removed How-to rich results on September 14, 2023, in an attempt to improve the user experience. The news comes a month after Google announced it was simplifying the user experience on SERPs.

It is to be noted that previously, How-to rich results were only removed from mobile devices. But with the recent update, users will also not be able to see these rich results on desktop. This update has changed a lot for SEO and content creators, and you must know how it affects your business. 

In this blog, we will provide you with all the information that content creators need to adapt to this change. Firstly, we will look at the changes that Google is making and how they impact your business. Next, we will provide you with tips to modify your content strategy so that it aligns with the removal of How-to rich results. Lastly, we will provide you with other changes that you should expect from Google.

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So, What are the Changes?

There are several changes that need to be highlighted for clarity. Below are three important changes that come along with the elimination of How-to rich results:

1. Howto Schema Will no Longer Have an Effect

If you are using howto schema, there is no advantage in continuing to use it any further. The schema markup did not guarantee a rich snippet but it increased your chances of getting featured. But, now it does not matter whether you are using it or not, but you can continue to use it for clarity.

2. You Will No Longer Get How-To Rich Results Support

As these rich results are not being showcased anymore, Google will be removing several services within the next 30 days. This includes How-to search appearance and the rich result report. But to provide you with the time to adjust API calls, the support for How-to will be available for the next 180 days in Search Console API.

3. FAQs Will Also Slowly Disappear

Lastly, Google will also reduce the frequency of FAQs. These rich snippets that were previously provided with every search, will only be provided for government agencies. Further, this facility will also be extended to authentic health websites.

How Does the Removal of How-To Rich Results Impact Your Business?

Is it a huge change? No, but it will impact your business. To have an effective online presence, you need to evolve with the changing SEO trends in 2023. Below are some ways this new update will impact your business:

1. You Will Experience Lower Visibility

Google previously ranked you based on whether you were using the howto schema or not. With its removal, your visibility will be reduced if your pages are ranking for it. Therefore, do not be shocked if you experience lower visibility in the coming days.

2. Your CTR May Also Drop

How-to rich results provided websites with greater CTR by enhancing their credibility. But now, your content will not be given a separate section on SERPs. If you start losing your CTR, it might not have anything to do with your content.

3. You Will Need Something Different for a Competitive Advantage

In addition, getting a featured section meant that you were ahead of your competitors. Users relied on these snippets as they were more credible and reliable. However, now you will need to shift your focus to something else to outrank your competitors.

4. You Will Have to Modify Your Content Strategy

Modifying your content strategy has become imminent with this change. Businesses value their how-to content to gain industry authority by providing users with clear information. You can continue to do so, but it will not have the desired effect that you are used to. Therefore, we recommend modifying your content strategy.

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What Next Should We Expect from Google?

Google is trying to reduce its carbon footprint, and it will bring similar changes in the upcoming years. In addition, it will also try to further simplify search engines to enhance the user experience. Therefore, you need to change your content to reflect the upcoming changes.

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How Can We Help?

There are no more How-to rich results, and that means, your online visibility has been severely compromised. If you do not act swiftly, you could end up losing your traffic, leads, and revenue. Therefore, to stay ahead of the curve we suggest partnering with a reliable SEO service provider.

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