7 SEO Trends In 2023 You Need To Know About!

7 SEO Trends In 2023 You Need To Know About!

Search engine optimisation is one of the trickiest parts of digital marketing due to the frequent updates of ranking algorithms. therefore, you must modernize your content strategy to align with the SEO trends in 2023. If you fail to stay relevant, it could cause a great loss for your business with a reduction in lead generation and your click-through rate (CTR).

To help you out, we will present you with the top 7 SEO trends in 2023 that you must know about. Read till the end to ensure you are not missing out on any SEO updates. Let’s begin!


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1. It’s not EAT, it’s EEAT

That’s right, Google has changed its popular acronym from EAT to EEAT. Adding to expertise, authority and trust, Google is now also prioritizing the author’s “Experience” on the topic. 

What this means is that Google will do a background check on your profile whether you have the relevant expertise for the topic you are writing. Therefore, your ranking on SERPs will be affected by your real-world experience.

2. Does Your Content Satisfy Your Readers?

SEO trends in 2023 show that the satisfaction of your readers matters. Previously, Google was looking for helpful content but now it also ranks your content in SERPs based on satisfaction. 

Although satisfaction is hard to measure, Google attempts to quantify this based on the human friendliness of your content. In addition, it analyses whether the content targets an appropriate audience and is created by an authoritative writer.

3. Enter Google Bard

Google has introduced an update for Google Bard in 2023. This new update focuses on content creation by providing users with the relevant content. Google Bard prioritises content that is reliable, helpful and created for humans (instead of search engines) to answer user queries.

This update uses your SERP ranking to determine if your content answers the question of the user. If you are ranking for a certain keyword, Google Bard will provide an answer using your content as it is more credible.

4. More People are Using Voice Search

SEO trends in 2023 also show that there is a drastic increase in the number of voice searches. Voice searches are revolutionising SEO as people are making conversational queries instead of searching words and phrases.

For you, this means that search engines will rank you on SERPs based on whether your content is conversational. Therefore, content writers are incorporating long-tail keywords instead of targeting a specific word.

5. Lower Crawl Frequency

It’s 2023, and this is the year by the end of which Google aims to operate on carbon-free energy. This means that the crawl frequency is going to be further reduced, having significant implications for everyone.

What this means for you is that Google will not be analysing your website as frequently now. This will result in search engines taking longer to notice new changes on your website. Therefore, you should optimise your content from the get-go instead of waiting for Google to notice your updates.

6. Is Your Content Topically Relevant

Another major SEO trend in 2023 is the rising importance of topical relevance. Google analyses your content to see whether it is around the same topic or covering various irrelevant topics. By doing so, it identifies whether a website has the authority on the topic it is writing on.

A website covering 50 topics will be considered as low authority whereas a website focusing on a single topic will be considered as high authority. This means that you should be creating content that is around builds your authority, ranking you higher on SERPs.

7. CTR is Going Down Due to Featured Snippets

After Google introduced featured snippets to answer user queries, CTR for all websites is going down. Featured snippets allow the user to get a short answer at the top of SERPs, without having to click on a website.

For you, this basically means that it has become harder to increase CTR on your website. But this also provides you the opportunity to create content that answers questions as Google now also analyses your content in sections instead of a whole page.


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A Quick Wrap-Up

The changing SEO trends in 2023 require you to adopt a more human-friendly approach while creating content. Users are not searching for words anymore, they are conversing with the search engines. This has increased the importance of long-tail keywords and conversational content for SEO ranking.

Moreover, it has become highly difficult to rank on SERPs with lower crawl frequencies, the introduction of AI chatbots and featured snippets. Nevertheless, the changing algorithms have also provided content creators with new opportunities that could boost your online presence even more.


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