Bing Webmaster Tools To Retire Disavow Links Feature

Bing Webmaster Tools To Retire Disavow Links Feature

In an attempt to enhance the user experience, Bing Webmaster Tools has announced that it will discontinue the disavow links feature in October. This change will also include the elimination of the relevant API associated with the feature.

This news has puzzled many businesses, wondering exactly how this change affects their online presence. To answer this, we will explore what the disavow link feature is and how it will be replaced by AI. Then, we will provide you with five reasons why it affects your business and why you might need SEO expertise.

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What is the Disavow Links Feature?

The disavow links feature was first introduced in 2012 to block spammy or low-quality links. It provided you with manual control over who could build backlinks using your content. If you found that a website was less authoritative and might bring down your SEO ranking, you simply blocked the link. This allowed you to proactively counter malicious link-building.

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How Will AI Replace Bing’s Disavow Links Feature?

AI has become the most used word in 2023. Marketing trends in 2023 show that they will significantly impact how we carry out business in the upcoming years. Bing is not an exception; other search engines have also started using AI to enhance the user experience. But let’s get back to the topic. Here is how AI will replace the disavow link feature:

Identifying Spammy Links

Firstly, AI will detect spammy links. This could be based on several different factors, such as the quality of the linking website. In addition, the algorithm might also judge the website based on the anchor text and the context in which the link is used.

Measuring the Impact of Spammy Links

Secondly, the algorithm will assess the negative impact of spammy links on your website. It could improve your ranking by compensating for lower visibility due to these links. 

Removing These Spammy Links

After identifying and measuring the negative impact of these links, The AI will discount these links for enhanced visibility. But remember that you will not have manual control over deciding what is spammy.

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Why This Affects Your Business?

This update by Bing Webmaster Tools will have a significant impact on your business and operations. Here are four ways your business could be affected:

1. Lower Control Over Link Profiles

The first impact is very obvious: you will have less control over link profiles. Bing Webmaster tools will not allow you to manually block links as you were doing with the disavow links feature. Therefore, you will feel bound to comply with Bing’s guidelines.

2. Reduced Workload for SEO Professionals

As there will be no manual control over eliminating spammy links, there will be less burden on SEO professionals. As an SEO specialist, you will have more time to focus on other important things. 

3. Highly Accurate Bing Search Results

The Bing search engine will provide you with highly accurate results by discounting spammy links. As a website owner, you may experience a surge in website traffic if your website is being brought down by low-quality links.

4. Enhanced Risk of Negative SEO Attacks

We do not know what to expect from AI. People have previously found ways to outmanoeuvre algorithms, and they might do it again. With no manual control, you will be exposed to higher SEO attacks.

To counter the uncertainty that is coming along with all these updates, you need SEO expertise.

How We Can Help?

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Summing it Up

The disavow link feature and its API are being replaced by AI in October, and it has a significant impact on your business. This feature allowed you to manually block spammy links that could have an impact on your rating. However, now AI will do this for you by identifying, assessing, and discounting these spammy links.

The new update can impact your business by lowering the control over link profiles while also reducing the work burden. In addition, it will provide highly accurate search results. Nevertheless, it may expose you to a higher risk of SEO attacks with no defence mechanism.

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