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Google Keyword Planner A Comprehensive Guide

What is Google Keyword Planner?

In today’s digital era, ranking in search engines is a dream of every business, and keyword optimisation is the key. Google Keyword Planner is an effective research tool that Google’s search engine introduced.

The advertisers prefer to use the tool to find phrases and terms (Keywords) for their customised SEO campaign. The tool provides suggestions, target cost, and search volume of the keyword, along with many other features.

The tool helps create successful SEO campaigns, and many leading SEO Agencies in London, like SEO Syrup, are actively using it.

The Google Adwords keyword planner is no doubt a useful tool for search engine optimisation. However, it is important to know all about including features, benefits, and ways of use.


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Here in this blog, you will find a comprehensive guide about the Google keyword planner tool. Let’s get started.

Features of Google Keyword Planner Tool:

Here we are with the features of Google Ads keyword planner:

In-Depth Keyword Research:

The first thing the planner tool does is obvious in its name – in-depth keyword research. The planner helps the user discover specific terms and phrases used for search queries.

For instance, a person looking for a plumber or electrician will usually type “[service provider] near me” or “[service provider] in [area].” Google closely monitors the user’s search behavior, and with the help of its algorithm, the keyword planner provides a list of suggestions.

Trends and Search Volume:

For a specific niche, there can be numerous phrases that can act as a keyword. The Google Keyword planner does not stop by providing a list of these phrases only. The researcher will also find the keyword volume and trends against it.

Therefore, it is important to understand the meaning of search volume for any keyword that has been suggested. It helps in prioritising the terms and choosing the best for your campaign.

Competitors Analysis:

Keyword Planner Google also provides an overview of competitor analysis against every suggested keyword. Mostly, it is indicated with the category where it is mentioned whether the competition is low, medium or high. Generally, the keywords with medium competition and higher search volume are considered the best keywords.

Estimate for Bids:

The Google ads keyword planner tool finds and suggests the terms so the optimisation expert can run advertisements effectively on search engines. Therefore, it also offers the bid estimates for suggested phrases. It includes average cost, popularly known as Cost per Click – CPC. The data is not directly linked to organic search but provides effective data for commercial intent.

Filtering Keywords:

As we said before, numerous keywords can be against one particular niche. The Google Ad Planner tool provides many filtration options to make choosing keywords easy. You can use filters like competition level, keyword density/volume, search volume, etc. It helps in choosing the best phrases for successful SEO Campaigns.

Benefits of Google Keyword Planner:

Here is a list of a few benefits any SEO expert can avail of by effectively using the tool. Let’s have a look!

Identifying Keywords with High Volume:

The Google keyword planner tool helps identify the keywords with substantial search volume. It helps maximise high-ranking chances on search engines.

Find Long-Tail Keywords:

The ad planner tool helps find long specific terms, commonly known as Long-tail Keywords. It helps in finding potential audiences for the business.

Stay Up-to-Date:

The Google Adwords keywords planner provides historical data and lets users monitor keyword trends. SEO experts usually align their strategies along these trends to avail timely opportunities and stay one step ahead of competitors.

Effective content strategy integration:

The keyword suggested by Google Adwords Keyword Planner can be effectively integrated into the content optimisation of any website. The SEO experts use the provided data to create informative and high-quality content. It helps make the website more credible and relevant to visitors.


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How to use Google keyword planner?

Seeing these benefits and perks, you might wonder, is Google Ads Keyword Planner a free tool or paid? Luckily, it is a free tool, and anybody can easily use it. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can use Google keyword Planner free.

to Google Keyword Planner tool:

First, you need to sign in to our Google ads account by visiting If you do not have an account, it’s time to create one.

Once your account is created, log in and click the “Tools and Settings” Menu. Choose the option “keyword Planner” under the “Planning” category.

Finding Keywords:

The next step is to find the keywords. You will be redirected to the Keyword Planner Dashboard. Choose the option “Discover new Keywords.”

Type the phrases, URL, or a specific term against your business and press enter. Google will instantly provide suggestions based on your typed data.


The first results you get will be more general and might not get the desired results. For effective results, you can filter the suggestions by various parameters. For instance, filters like search volume, region, competition level, and bid suggestions can be used. After filters, you can get more effective and specific results.

Review the Suggestions:

Once you get the results after applying filters, review them and look closely to choose the best. Forecasts:

You can also analyse the suggested keywords list by choosing the search Volume and Forecasts option.

Once you enter the list and click on the tabs, Google will provide you with data based on competition levels, search volume, and miscellaneous information. Relevant parameters.

Historical Metrics:

Use the keyword trends feature on the planner to create an outstanding and effective SEO strategy for content and Adwords. You will know how much your chosen set of keywords is trending. You can understand better the popularity factor, whether it is increasing, stabilised, or decreasing.

Budget Planning:

As we mentioned earlier, you can use various filters on Google Ads keyword planner while filtering the keywords, and one of them is suggested bid prices. The suggestion helps plan a Google Adwords budget for your campaign

Download Keyword Data:

Once you have found the required list of keywords, download the data to your device for further use and move to the next step of crafting creative ads. The keywords can be effectively used for website content as well.


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The Google Keyword Planner is undoubtedly an indispensable tool for ranking high on search engines. The tool effectively creates a successful SEO campaign and a compelling Google ads copy. However, knowing how to use the keyword planner effectively to achieve the goal and thrive in a competitive industry is important.

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