how to write a good meta description

How to Write a Good Meta Description 

Are you wondering how to write a good meta description? Read this blog till the end to get the expert tips for writing a meta description.

If you run a website, you must have come across the term “meta description”. Everyone keeps talking about how important it is but no one really tells how to write a good meta description. These short lines are very important for your website performance and now with our help, you can start writing descriptions that yield immediate results.

In this blog, we will tell you what a meta description is to people who are unclear about the term. Then we will tell you what a good meta description can do for your website, especially if you are running a business website. In the end, you will be given a short guide on how to write a good meta description. Let’s begin!

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What is a Meta Description

A meta description is a short summary of the content that you provide to your audience for a web page. This description appears on the SERPs telling the users what they can learn once they click on the link. If you are searching on Google and come across different web pages, you will most likely read the short description before clicking on the link. Your audience does the same. Therefore, meta descriptions need to be compelling but there is a lot more on that later.

What Does a Meta Description Do?

If you are not writing good meta descriptions, most CMS such as WordPress automatically insert a  description from the first para. Although this ensures that your content does have a meta description, it is not a good strategy. Why? Because the first few lines of your content might not be enough to convince your readers to click on your link. Therefore you need to write meta descriptions manually. Here is why you should invest your time in these descriptions:

1. Gives a Good First Impression

When your meta description is optimised, it gives a good first impression to your audience. It tells your audience that your content is easy to read and well-researched. Therefore, they will click on your website, increasing your CTR.

2. Summarises the Text in One line

There is a lot of content on the internet. Therefore, you need to make it easier for readers to visit your website. A meta description attracts that audience by providing them a glimpse of what the content is about.

3. Enhances SEO

Search engine optimisation is crucial for a website. Optimising your meta description tells SEO algorithms what your content is about. Once they understand what your content is, they will rank it higher for the keywords that you have used.

How to Write a Good Meta Description in 5 Steps

We hope that the above sections have clarified what a meta description is and why they are important. Now let’s move on to our short guide on how to write a good meta description:

1. Conduct a Keyword Research

You should not be publishing content of any sort without conducting keyword research. Carry out thorough research to learn about the phrases and words your audience is searching for. Once you know what your audience is looking for, you can create content to their liking.

2. Incorporate the Focus Keyword in the Meta Description

Once you know what keyword is popular for your readers, include it in your meta description. This signals SEO algorithms that your content carries the phrase that people are searching for. As a result, it is ranked higher on SERPs.

3. Keep it Concise

This is the most important step of how to write a good meta description. While writing, remember that a meta description is a summary. You have to keep it concise and short for enhancing user experience. A perfect description is 155-160 characters long, so do not exceed that mark.

4. Make it  Actionable

A good meta description compels the reader to learn more by clicking on the link. Tell your audience how clicking on the link will add value to their life. Make it actionable using words such as learn, discover, and click etc.

5. Test and Optimise

It is important to go back and optimise your content and meta description. If your content is not performing well, edit it and optimise it for your audience.

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Summing it Up!

Let’s review what we have discussed so far. A meta description is a small summary of your content that appears on SERPs. It tells your audience what the content is about and whether should they click on your link. In addition, a meta description gives a good first impression while enhancing your SEO ranking.

You can follow this guide on how to write a good meta description for yourself. Start by conducting keyword research and using docus keywords in your meta description. Ensure that your descriptions are concise and actionable. Lastly, test and optimise your content and meta descriptions to see what works.

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