What is SEO Benchmarks

What is SEO Benchmarks A Comprehensive Guide

Are you new to SEO and wondering what is SEO benchmarks? Luckily, you have landed on the right post. Here, you will learn about SEO benchmarks and their importance. Later on, we will also discuss the top SEO benchmarks.

Have you ever run any campaign without measuring performance? It is only possible to track the progress of any campaign by measuring its performance, and the same goes for online marketing campaigns.

In Search engine optimisation, the Key Performance Indicators – KPIs and SEO benchmarks are used to measure and track the performance of any campaign. It helps detect and resolve issues accordingly to improve the success rate.

Difference between SEO benchmark and KPIs:

SEO benchmarks and KPIs are used to refer to the same thing. However, both are pretty different. Let’s dig into their definition to know the difference.

Key Performance Indicators:

Key Performance Indicators, commonly known as KPIs, are industry statistics that help measure performance with time. It gives a brief insight into monitoring SEO campaign effectiveness.

SEO Benchmark:

The SEO Benchmarks are the KPIs used as reference while creating any online business optimisation strategy.

SEO benchmarks are precise metrics to measure the search engine performance of any site. It includes conversion rates, bounce rates, organic traffic, keyword ranking, etc. In simpler words, SEO benchmarks are a reference point for the overall optimisation success of business online.

Why is tracking SEO benchmarks important?

Establishing a few SEO benchmarks to measure the website’s performance is important because KPIs are just stats, neither bad nor good. On the other hand, the established SEO benchmarks can tell whether the stats are improving. Therefore, this helps adjust search engine optimisation strategies accordingly. The benchmarks help provide a before and after picture of Key performance indicators.

The SEO benchmarks are more critical when the SEO agencies report the progress stats to their clients. It is the only way to describe your efforts and display the service value in front of the client. Additionally, it helps the clients to know what you are doing for their business and how you are doing it.

Top SEO benchmarks to establish:

Here is a list of top SEO benchmarks that top-notch SEO agencies in London use to ensure the success of any online business. Let’s have a look:

Organic Traffic:

Organic traffic KPIs are on top of our list. Organic traffic means people who visit your business online without clicking on any paid campaign. The organic traffic stats show how many people are reaching your website by typing relevant keywords. It gives an idea of the website’s popularity and position on different search engines.

For any e-commerce business, organic traffic indicates how many people browse your site (and most likely make purchases).

You can easily use various tools to establish the benchmark and track organic traffic. The tools are available online. Few are paid, and few are free of cost. The tools help provide a detailed breakdown of organic traffic on any website.

The tools help indicate keywords that bring traffic to the site and the pages receiving the most visitors. With the gathered information, you can benchmark your SEO and indicate the steps that can help improve performance.

Clicks and Impressions:

Impression is a term that refers to the number of times your site appears on various search engine pages – SERPs. The click is a term that refers to the number of times visitors click on the website link from respective impressions.

Monitoring these metrics is important as it helps to indicate the effectiveness of a website. For instance, if your site gets a strong impression but only a couple of clicks, it is time to work on title tag optimisation and optimisation of meta-description.

Most popularly, Google Search Console is used to track the clicks & impressions. Based on the results, you can use other tools to establish SEO benchmarking against competitors’ businesses. The comparison tools help in getting KPIs of keyword performance.

The derived result helps identify the improvement areas so the site visibility can be increased and clicks can be boosted.

Keyword Ranking:

Keyword ranking refers to the website’s position in Search engine result pages –SERPs against specific terms. Monitoring ranking is essential to measure the success of SEO efforts. Online tools like Google Search Console and 3rd-party platforms help get insights into trends and keyword positions.

The tools are helpful in identifying factors to optimise and improve by analysing the Keyword rankings and understanding the keywords that drive traffic to the website and conversions to clicks. It enables the establishment of SEO benchmarks for deciding the website visibility and competitiveness strategy.

Conversion Rate:

Conversion rate is one of the critical SEO benchmarks to be established. It is used to measure the percentage of users who have completed the action desired by the business owner. For instance, if you are running an ecommerce business, purchasing is the desired action. Likewise, for other types of companies, it can be signing up for newsletters or filling out the contact data form.

Driving traffic to the website is no doubt important for any business online. However, the main objective is to convert that visit into availing service or purchasing products to generate revenue.

By tracking the percentage of conversion rates, the SEO benchmark is established that allows websites to know the improvement areas in the website. For instance, content, better user experience or appealing website design. These factors help in maximising the conversion rate of any online business.

Bounce rate:

Bounce Rate is a popular term that measures the visitors’ percentage who visited the business page immediately after viewing the page. There can be many reasons for leaving the website. For instance, the visitor might be on the homepage, which did not load fast, or the content was irrelevant. Therefore, they do not click on anything and leave. It is counted as a bounce.

Tracking the bounce rate is crucial as it shows how much your website is relevant and engaging to the viewer. It also means you can know the areas for improvement.

SEO benchmarking the bounce rate against competitors helps provide valuable insights into the website and where it stands. Online tools like Google Analytics can offer a comprehensive breakdown of the bounce rate for any website.


We hope now you have a better understanding of what is SEO benchmark and a few top SEO benchmarks that should be established to monitor the site’s performance. Top SEO companies in London, like SEO Syrup, establish comprehensive SEO benchmarks so that clients can stay aware of the progress of their websites.

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