What is Review Schema Markup

What is Review Schema Markup? A comprehensive Guide

Wondering what is review schema markup? It is one of the incredible strategies – a code that helps search engines categorise the website content. However, it’s not all about it!

The search engine needs help understanding the exact content on the website due to its limited capabilities. The SEO experts provide them with extra structured data for better understanding, and the Review Schema is part of the process.

Today, SEO Syrup is here with a guide on Review Schema Markup, how to add it to the website, and its benefits. So, let’s get started:


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What is review Schema Markup?

Review Schema Markup is crucial to ensure businesses rank well on SERPs. Schema markup is a code that helps search engines to understand and read the content on the website. The code is helpful to transform unstructured data into adequately structured data. It helps categorise the content and rank the website in results.

For instance, if you are running an e-commerce business, the Review Schema Markup will provide details about ratings and reviews of the product. Search Engines like Bing or Google use the markup to showcase the ratings and reviews in search results.

Review Schema is undoubtedly beneficial, but only a few people know about it. The best SEO companies in London have competent experts who recommend adding a Review Schema Markup on the website. Apart from search engine understanding, it also provides an edge over competitors.

How to add Review Schema Markup to the website?

We do not need high skills and technical knowledge to add schema on websites. However, a sound understanding of HTML code is required. A few things should be considered before adding review schema markup on any webpage.

Here is how the review schema can be added to the webpage.

To add manually, copy and paste schema into relevant web pages’ <head> section. If you use a CMS like WordPress, the schema plugins can do the job. Likewise, many schema generators are available online that can make things easier.

For instance, Schema.org is a popular Schema markup generator that can help you with the task. WordPress plugins that help integrate review schema are

  • Schema App
  • Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP
  • Schema

After adding the Review Schema to the webpage, test it to ensure it works correctly and efficiently. The schema Validator is a Google-approved tool that can be used for testing.

Once implemented properly, wait a few weeks until the search engine crawlers re-craw the site. You can also resubmit the web pages for indexing with the help of Search Console. To check the impact of schema on average SERP ranking, take notes of SERP ranking before adding it and compare it after a few weeks.


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Tips to consider before adding review schema:

Make sure that schema markup is error-free. Otherwise, the web pages can be flagged as spam. Here are a few things to be considered:

Updated Content:

Content should be the latest, and avoid adding any misleading data such as false claims or fake reviews.

Relevant Content:

The webpage content should be relevant and marked with the right labels.

Add concise data:

Add exclusive data so the content is rich in information and useful

Add location:

By adding location, your webpage’s local SEO gets leverage.

Mention exclusive points:

Adding the specified categories or types is helpful

HD images:

Add HD and relevant images on the pages.

Mark multiple items:

If there are multiple items on the page, make sure they are correctly marked up.

Benefits of Review Schema Markup:

Review Schema Markup is not any direct ranking factor on search engines. However, it is helpful for crawlers to understand the web-page content and indirectly increase the chances of ranking higher. Here are a few benefits of adding review schema markup on a website.


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Optimise Business Locally:

By adding Schema to the website, the Local SEO gets a boost. The Schema includes name, complete address, location, direction and images. It helps to optimise business locally. Suppose someone is travelling on a long journey, stops at some eatery in your area, and unfortunately forgets the keys to the car. The first thing they will type on their mobile will be “locksmiths near [the area].”

With Schema, your locksmith business will appear at the top with reviews and ratings. It is like social proof and increases the credibility of the company. The person in desperate need will immediately click on your site link for assistance.

Helpful for Rich Snippets:

Schema helps gain snippets. It is because the search engine already knows what your website is about and helps stand out. The rich and featured snippets get more impressions and clicks than competitors’ websites on the same page.

Improve visibility in SERPs:

The website with review schema markup has more chances of higher visibility on SERPS than other businesses. Even if your page is not at Number 1, it still attracts visitors through reviews and displayed ranking stars.

Chances of improved ranking:

The search engine crawlers understand the webpage content and will ensure it is shown to the right audience (the typed keywords play a crucial role in it). Once your content is displayed more in relevant searches, a clear difference can be seen in click-through rate (CTR). Hence, the business gets chances to improve its position on SERPs.

Enhance Revenue Potential:

Why do we try to get more clicks on the website? The ultimate agenda is to convert clicks into revenue. The more clicks and impressions on the web link means more chances of converting clicks into purchases or availing services. Hence, the whole procedure leads to generating revenue.


We hope the blog has helped you understand what Review Schema Markup is, its importance, and the procedure to add it to web pages. Review Schema Markup is a strategy, a tool, precisely a structured code to make search engine crawlers understand the content on the website.

Schema does not rank the website directly, but it provides more chances of high ranking, impressions, and clicks. Eventually, it leads toward the potential of generating more revenue. We cannot add Schema on every word of the websites. However, the experts at top SEO agencies in London, like SEO Syrup, know where and how to add the review schema markup and boost its effectiveness.


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