How To Generate Leads For SEO Services

How To Generate Leads For SEO Services? 5 Ways To Get More SEO Clients

Are you starting your journey as an SEO agency to provide professional SEO services? Congratulations it’s a great decision. Now here are a few most important questions, such as; how to generate leads for SEO services? How there are so many agencies surviving the competition and earning millions with search engine optimisation services? Most importantly, how you can stay ahead of the competition and be known as a successful SEO expert?

Well, these are lots of questions and here in this blog we will guide you through effective strategies that will skyrocket your success and stay ahead of the competition.


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But, first, let’s get to know what SEO lead is in general.

What Is SEO Lead?

SEO lead is the interest of any individual or business in the search engine optimisation services you provide with. The leads are potential audiences that are more likely to turn into clients and help in the agency’s growth. Therefore, the leads help build the portfolio, polish the skills, and produce more profit.

Hence, it is crucial to pitch to the maximum targeted audience because not every lead turns into a client, and it might take a few months to sign a single contract. These months can be full of detailed discussions, terms and conditions, audits, etc.

Remember that clients will come and go, few projects are short, and few are long-term commitments. Therefore, you should consistently promote the services and maintain a consistent stream of leads throughout the year.

Strategies How To Generate Leads For SEO Services:

Here are a few strategies that can help you achieve it. Let’s have a look:

Optimise The Website:

The first step is to start by optimising your website. The website should be attractive and informative and provide all the essential details to convert the audience into conversion. It can be made possible by taking different steps such as adding a CTA starting to book a meeting, adding a pop-up to submit a form, or newsletter subscription. The most common three ways to make visitors take the next step are:

  • Give a phone number so they can make a call
  • Add a CTA stating completed the information and submitted the form
  • A small side section allows the visitors to talk with a sales representative.

No matter where the visitor comes to your website, it should be attractive enough to capture the leads. Moreover, your website should have relevant pages that help in generating leads such as:

  • Service Pages
  • About Me Page
  • Testimonials
  • Case studies

These pages add credibility to the website, and people eagerly move to the next step.

Working On Ranking SEO Keywords:

As an SEO expert, you will already be aware of the value of organic traffic. Therefore, try to practice what you choose for others and use the efforts to optimise the keywords for targeted audiences.

You can use the Google tool “Keyword Planner” to find the best keywords. By using the tool you can get a long list of keywords. Manage the list under different categories such as

  • Location-Specific
  • Industry-Specific
  • Service-Specific
  • Question
  • General Terms

While choosing the keyword a long-tail keyword with high volume and low competition is a good choice. Moreover, ensure that every keyword on your pages attractively meets your intent.

Use PPC To Drive Traffic:

Pay-per-click (PPC) is helpful to drive traffic to the website faster than anything else in SEO. Simply put, it is a way to create opportunities to convert traffic into leads for SEO. PPC leads are considered a way to convert more leads in generating revenue. You can use Google Console tools to generate a list of PPC keywords. A few of the best practices for using PPC are:

  • Check if the keyword you choose is the right fit for the budget
  • Fix a limit on spending amount from your budget
  • Focus on writing optimised ad copy
  • Stay aware of your cost per lead

You can generate more SEO leads by creating specific landing pages to use for PPC campaigns. You can optimise these pages to increase the chances of conversion rate with highly specific keywords.

Use Social Media:

Using social media to showcase your SEO expertise is one of the best strategies to generate leads for SEO services.

Normally the social media followers are aware of your brand and once you display your expertise from time to time, more people take an interest in your services.

You can grab the interest of your followers by sharing informative posts, client testimonials and reviews, display case studies, etc. Lead generation through social media is time-taking so make a schedule of posting on different social platforms and follow it strictly.


Leveraging social media is digital networking, and you can also focus on real-world networking. It can be possible by attending different events and conferences and connecting with potential clients in person. You can participate in events such as conferences, and workshops, sponsorships the programs set up a booth in exhibitions, etc.


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So that’s all about how to generate leads for SEO services? Remember that lead generation can be made easier by using social media, attending conferences and networking events, optimising the website, and going for PPC. Try to use these effective strategies to skyrocket your optimisation agency.

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