How to Find Keywords on a Website

A Comprehensive Guide on: How to Find Keywords on a Website

Many people know the way to find keyword through Google tools, but only a few know how to find keywords on a website of competitors for effective SEO strategy.

When you are actively crafting an SEO strategy, you might have an idea of the importance of keyword research and competitor analysis. As an SEO expert many know how to find keywords through different tools and work accordingly.

However, one of the crucial steps in keyword research is competitor analysis and finding keywords that help them rank on SERPs. Google is one of the excellent search engines that helps find information in a fraction of a second with maximum accuracy.

But have you ever wondered how you can find specific information on it, particularly from the competitors’ websites?

Here in this blog, you will learn what web search is, why one should search a website for keywords, and How to find keywords on a website. So, let’s get started:


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What is a Website Search?

A web search here means by searching competitors’ websites that allows them to find the keywords or topics on any particular webpage. It is usually done as a part of competitors’ website analysis so the experts can craft a better SEO strategy.

There are several ways to search websites for keywords; however, the best practice is only the one that meets your search intent.

Why search Websites?

Finding a keyword on a website can be helpful in extracting information specifically for any reason, including competitors’ analysis. Apart from keyword research, the websites are searched for various reasons. Let’s have a look at a few of the reasons here:

To Find Specific statistics or quote:

The keyword search on a website is helpful to search and find quotes or data that you might have gone through before some time.

Search for specific information:

You can search the website for content that needs to change after a while. For instance, searching for limited promotional or discount offers or updating the office’s location after moving from one place to another. For instance, search websites for an 11/11 sale or Christmas Sale.

Explore New Ideas:

While creating an SEO Strategy for the website, it is important to develop something exclusive and specific for the website. You can take the idea from competitors and find what topics remain uncovered.

Tracking web performance:

One of the reasons SEO Experts prefer website search is to track web performance for specific keywords.

Search for backlink options:

One of the crucial reasons for website search is to secure an opportunity for backlinking on any specific site.

Competitors Analysis:

With the help of website search, the SEO expert can study and observe competitors’ content and check how they cover certain topics. It can help craft a better SEO plan as you can add ideas from their site and work more on new topics with low volume and more competition.


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How to Find Keywords on a Website?

Here are a few effective ways to find keywords on a website:

CTRL + F method:

The method is common and easiest to find keywords on a website.

If you are an SEO Expert or digital marketer, you must occasionally search for things on the website source page. It can be meta-descriptions, headers, tags, image alt text, etc. Here is how you can find specific keywords on any webpage.

  • Open Chrome or install it (if its not available)
  • Visit the website for relevant information.
  • Then, right-click anywhere on the chosen page.
  • From the down menu, select “View Page Source.”
  • Once the page opens, press Ctrl + F keys.
  • Now, type the required keywords and press enter.
  • Choose “View page source.”
  • Hold Ctrl+F.
  • Type in your keyword using a search bar and press enter.
  • The search result will appear in front of you. For instance, if you intend to find a repair vehicle in London, type the words in the search bar, which will be highlighted in the document. ‘

It is pertinent to note here that the tactics are only helpful for searching for the keyword on the open page.

Use Google Search operators:

It can be helpful to bring more specific information or results. The practice involves three crucial steps. Let’s have a look!

  • Open search engines like Google.
  • Now, type “site” and write down the website domain. For instance, “”
  • Then type the keyword you intend to search for, for instance, “ health tips.”
  • For better website optimisation, you can put keywords in quotes so that Google matches them exactly with your intent.

Utilise the Website Search Functions:

It is also one of the simplest ways to search for keywords on a website. Many website now have their search bars.

Therefore, you can use them to search for any particular keywords. All you have to do is:

  • Look for the search bar
  • Type the keyword
  • Press enter or search tab
  • Find the search bar
  • Type your keyword
  • Click search/press enter

The method is simplest but has a few limitations, and not all websites have the search function.

The limitation you might face with the help of the web search tab is that it might retrieve matches in the URL or page title. So you might not get the maximum results.

Get help from Keyword Tools:

While crafting an SEO strategy at its initial stage, you might not have an exact idea of the exact topic or keyword you are searching for. But, luckily, you will know where to look for it.

It usually happens when the SEO strategy is early or you are scooping the competitors’ websites or exploring sites for new ideas. The keyword tool is what you need here.

You can use any organic research tool to get a list of organic keywords for which a website ranks. Here is how to do so:

  • Enter the competitors’ domain and click “Search.”
  • Then click to research for their organic positions. You can click on filter options if available, and once you get the result, click on the “Export” tab. Compile the list and then search how the competitors cover your intended topics.
  • You can search for several things here, such as the content length, the keywords used in it, visuals and ideas, the style of content, etc.


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While crafting an SEO strategy, it is important to know “How to find keywords on a website?” From the simple CTRL + F method to using keyword research tools, you can get many benefits from your search.

The practice is helpful in competitors’ analysis, comprehensive keyword research, exploring new ideas, and tracking website performance. You can know about your and competitors flaws and leading edges that helps in outperforming with effective search engine optimisation strategies.

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