A Guide On Local SEO Vs Global SEO

A Guide On Local SEO Vs Global SEO For Your Business

In digital marketing, the war between local SEO and global SEO has been increasing fast. As businesses enter the online landscape, the first question regarding SEO is which strategy is more effective: Local SEO vs global SEO.

In this blog post, we will embark on the journey to decode the features / essential elements & effects of local SEO vs global SEO for businesses. But before doing so, let’s understand the basics.

Local SEO Vs Global SEO:

Before you choose between local and Global SEO, it’s important to understand what both are about. In simple words, local SEO is about optimising a business’s online presence in a specific location or geographic area.

While on the other hand, Global SEO is about optimising business on a broader audience, targeting an audience on a global level.

Whether it’s local SEO or global SEO, there is one thing in common: they aim to boost the business’s visibility online, and the difference lies in the approach to meet the goal.

Now let’s get indulge in details:

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the search engine optimisation that aims to boost any business’s online presence and attract more customers from the related local searches to the nearest physical places. The searches are widespread in different search engine pages.

Simply put, it is all about getting your business at the top map of local searchers where customers are looking for businesses like yours.


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Importance of Local SEO:

Any business is eager to rank high on local searches so people can avail of their services in the same area. Any service business can benefit from local SEO; it can be a medical business, a restaurant, a locksmith, a car repair garage, etc. Here are a few elements that make local SEO important for businesses

Enhanced Visibility:

According to search engine surveys, around 50% of searches are based on local intent. Local SEO ensures businesses rank higher by boosting their visibility to these local searches.

Approach Local Audience:

Local SEO targets a specific group of community in a specific community. It is an easier way to offer personalisation vibes. Therefore, it increases the chances of conversion rates as customers will love to purchase from the same area more than driving miles to buy a simple thing.

Advantage Over Competitors:

Using the Local SEO approach is comparatively low for business owners. Therefore, availing of the service gives you a competitive edge over other businesses in your locality.

Sustainable Results:

Compared to paid ad campaigns, businesses using local SEO can enjoy long-term and sustainable positive results.

Steps to Perform Local SEO:

Here are a few steps that are involved in local SEO to optimise business in a specific location.

GMB – Google My Business: The first step is to add complete and accurate business details in Google My Business Listings. An optimised GMB listing is the cornerstone in boosting business visibility online.

Optimise Keywords:

The next step is to write content using relevant local keywords to rank higher on Google. Make sure you are using local keywords like “XYZ service near me” or “ABC services in [area].” It helps in reaching the targeted audience more effectively.

List Business:

A local citation is essential; therefore, list the business on famous local directories and give complete, accurate details such as business name, address, location, phone numbers, etc.

Add Review & Ratings:

Encourage your customers and visitors to leave reviews and ratings for your business online, as it increases your reputation online. The strategy helps in making your business a top choice by potential customers.

Write Relevant Content:

Write and create relevant local content that can resonate with local audiences to increase business engagement.

Create Location Page:

You can also create a separate location page for your business. The practice is encouraged when the business is located in multiple areas or locations.

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Tips to Improve Local SEO:

To improve your Loca SEO, here are a few tips that can be followed:

  • Give On-page Optimisation priority
  • Work on Getting high-quality backlinks
  • Conduct time to time regular site audits
  • Focus on effective use of social media.

What is Global SEO?

International or Global SEO is a way to optimise the website to attract online traffic from different countries, cultures, or languages.

Importance of Global SEO:

Global SEO is helpful for businesses that operate internationally or deal with multi-language customers. Here are a few elements that make Global SEO important for businesses

Boost Reach:

Global SEO is important for the business to reach a wider audience beyond their physical location. It increases the chances of getting potential customers globally.

Helps in growth:

Global SEO is essential for businesses to grow and expand worldwide. Business growth is the dream of every one and Global SEO helps to make the dream come true by introducing it to a global audience.

Chance To Get Diverse Audience:

By using Global SEO strategies, businesses can get insights into different patterns of customers, like their interests, needs, and behaviors across different countries.

Steps to Perform Global SEO:

Here are effective ways to optimise Global SEO strategies. Let’s have a look!

The Target For Country-Specific Domain:

It is crucial to use a country-specific domain for your website. The domain should indicate the targeted country with a particular type or set of content.

Use Hreflang Tags:

The tags help search engine bots to know which language they are using to target the specific community.

In-Depth International Keyword Research:

Conduct an in-depth keyword search in the language or country that you are going to target to resonate with the relevant group of people.

Publish Relevant local content:

Publish content that resonates with local people of your targeted countries. The content should cater to their exclusive cultural needs and preferences.

Tips to Improve Global SEO:

Here are a few tips to improve Global SEO:

  • Optimise your content on different search engines
  • Use multilingual SEO
  • Optimise your website for mobile


That’s all about local SEO vs global SEO! The strategies to optimise websites locally or globally can differ, but they both aim to enhance website visibility. So whether it is boosting business visibility locally or globally, in-depth relevant keyword research, having an optimised GMB listing, or making the website mobile friendly are crucial steps.

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