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Use YouTube analytics for SEO

How to Use YouTube Analytics for SEO

Are you looking to widen your audience reach on YouTube? Then here is a complete guide on how to use YouTube analytics for SEO.

YouTube analytics have been around for a very long time; however, with the recent updates, there is a lot more you can do. All the big YouTubers with a big fan following are using them, and now so can you. These analytics can be used to boost your viewership, even in 2023. But how do you use YouTube analytics for SEO?

In this blog, we will provide our readers with a complete guide. Firstly, we will discuss what YouTube analytics is and why it is important that you start focusing on them. Then, we will give you a guide on how you can use YouTube analytics for SEO to get more views and subscribers. Read till the end!

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What are YouTube Analytics?

YouTube analytics are different metrics that the platform provides to content creators. These analytics allow you to monitor your YouTube performance with different insights. These analytics include the total number of views, subscribers, watchtime, and much more. In addition, you can also see in which region you are most popular and how an individual video performs over the time period.

Why Should You Use YouTube Analytics for SEO?

Most YouTubers ignore YouTube analytics at the start and therefore pay a heavy price. YouTube analytics allows you to monitor your channel and see how you are performing. You can use these insights to visualise whether the content you are creating is relevant and interesting to your audience. To help you understand the situation a bit better, here are a few benefits you get when you use YouTube analytics for SEO:

1. Make Informed Decisions

If you look at any YouTuber, you will see that they became popular after a certain decision. That decision could have been to create new content or attract a new audience. How did they do it? They used YouTube analytics to analyse their audience. Using these metrics allows you to make informed decisions that yield material results.

2. Optimise Your Content

Another important benefit of YouTube analytics is that you can track the performance of your content. You can use graphs and charts to see why some of your content performs better than the rest. This will help you optimise your content and create a strategy that increases your viewership.

3. Reach a Wider Audience

When you use YouTube analytics for SEO, you are bound to enhance your viewership. This is because these metrics tell you what type of content you should be producing. Once you start creating that content, the YouTube algorithms recognise that your content is relevant to more people. Therefore, they rank it higher on search engine pages as well as on YouTube.

How to Use YouTube Analytics for SEO: 4 Tips

In the above sections, you must have understood what YouTube analytics are and why they are important. Now let’s get to the real part and tell you how you can use YouTube analytics for SEO. These are some of the strategies that all popular content creators focus on, and now you can use them too:

1. Identify Target Keywords

Firstly, use YouTube analytics to identify what your audience is searching for. When you do this, you get new topic ideas that are more popular and relevant to your YouTube channel. The best part is that the audience is already searching for them, so you just need to sit back and wait.

2. Analyse Your Previous Content

Self-evaluation is the key to becoming a pro. Once you have created a video, don’t stop. Monitor its progress regularly. This also goes for the content that you have published previously. See how it performed to create better content that the audience will like.

3. Explore Audience Demographics

This is almost a cheat code for YouTubers. On the platform, you can find statistics on the audience you are attracting based on demographics. This is powerful, as you can learn more about the audience and create content that is to their liking.

4. Monitor Your Engagement Metrics

When you use YouTube analytics for SEO, you cannot skip the engagement metrics. These statistics tell you when your videos get more viewership and when they are ignored. Use them to schedule your content for a higher viewership.

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A Quick Wrap-Up

Let’s wrap up our guide with a quick overview of YouTube analytics. YouTube analytics are provided by the platform to content creators to track their performance. You can use these statistics to make better decisions to optimise your content. This also allows you to reach a wider audience, bringing in more subscribers.

If you want to use YouTube analytics for SEO, you will need to start by recognising the target keywords. In addition, you should analyse your previous content to determine what worked and what didn’t. Another important tip is to visualise your audience by demographics while also monitoring the engagement rate.

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