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What are SERPs

What are SERPs and Why Are They Important for SEO?

This blog will provide you an answer to what are SERPs?

SERP is a term that you usually come across if you run a website. People will tell you that your website is not ranking on the SERP and that you should invest more time in it.

Experts use this term very frequently, and you can get confused if you do not know what it means and what it entails. Therefore, we are writing this blog to help all people who do not have the necessary technical knowledge.

In this blog, we will start by answering what are SERPs. Then we will also discuss what this term entails. Lastly, we will tell our readers whether these pages are important for SEO.


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What Do SERPs mean?

So what are SERPs?

In brief, SERPs stands for search engine result pages. These are the pages that open up when a user searches for something on the internet.

Consider that you are making an inquiry on Google; you tap on the search bar and press enter. The first page that comes up showing you all relevant results is known as a SERP. These pages are used by all search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

There are two types of SERPs: organic and paid. Organic SERPs are those that show you results for the keyword you have searched for, but they are unpaid listings. These results depend on various different factors, such as the relevance of the keyword, authority, and quality.

On the other hand, there are paid or sponsored SERPs where you will be provided a link to the website, but it will say “sponsored” or “ad.” These pages are paid listings by those businesses who want their link to be shown at the top of a SERP.

Now that we have answered what are SERPs, let’s learn about what a SERP includes.

What is Included in a SERP?

SERPs used to be very simple over 10 years ago. However, search engines are now committed to enhancing the user experience. This means that they want the user to get the most useful information possible when they make an inquiry.

Therefore, now you will find multiple different types of results on SERPs. Below, we have listed some of the things that are included in SERPs:

1. Results

SERPs, as the name suggests, are result pages. Therefore, they provide you with relevant results by providing you with links to different websites.

In addition to the link, you will also see a brief description, known as the meta description, to give you an overview of what the page is about.

2. Featured Snippet

These are small boxes that are shown to the users to provide authoritative information. This information is certain and usually comes from an authoritative website or a regulatory body.

These featured snippets are not paid for and are picked up automatically by the algorithm. If the algorithm finds your website link useful, it might use it as a featured snippet.

3.  Image Results

Depending on what you search for, your SERPs might also show you image results. If you are searching using keywords that prompt a visual description, search engines might show you a picture to give you visual results.

4. Video Results

Similarly, SERPs might also include visual results, depending on your query.

If you are using keywords such as “song, lecture, etc.,” which are available in video format on the internet, SERPs will also include videos that you can play by clicking on them for a better user experience.

5. Related Searches

However, sometimes it occurs that your search results are not what you wanted. After reviewing all the results, you are still not satisfied.

That is when you can scroll down to related searches. These searches tell you about other relevant searches on the topic that people are making. You can click on them to make a search.

6. FAQs

People use the internet to get information, mostly in the form of questions. You might be searching “What are SERPs?”

To give you the answer you need, search engines provide you with FAQs. These are usually authoritative and taken from websites that give expert opinions on the matter.

Are SERPs important for SEO?

With the above sections, you must have a clear idea of what SERPs are. Let’s move ahead.

Another popular question that is always asked is whether SERPs are important for SEO. The answer is always yes, but there is not much that you can directly do on a SERP. SERPs are important because they are the outcome you are aiming for.

When you build a website for an online presence, your target is to be seen on SERPs. All of your efforts are to rank higher on these pages, as people are more likely to click on the link that appears first.

Therefore, SERPs are important to consider when you are attempting to get more visitors to your website. A website that gets more views will generate more leads and conversions.


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A Quick Summary!

Let’s revise: what are SERPs?

SERPs are the pages that open up once you make a search on a search engine. These pages provide users with all the relevant results for their search inquiry.

SERPs include organic results, ads, featured snippets, images, videos, related searches, and FAQs. However, what you are shown depends on what you searched for. All search results do not show featured snippets, for instance.

It is very important to know how SERPs work, as they are the final target of every website. If your website is ranking highly on SERPs, you will get more business and more sales.


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