What Is A Nofollow Link? A Complete Guide

Link building is an important element in SEO and it is important to know all about it. While you look at the links closely, you will find few are do-follow and few are nofollow links. Here in this blog, we will blog we will discuss what is nofollow link and how are they beneficial for businesses online.

So let’s get started:

What Is A Nofollow Link?

The no-follow links are links directed to any website with the following tag,


The tag informs search engine bots to ignore the links and not consider them as your website’s backlink profile. The search engine crawlers do not count these links and they are not counted to improve the website rankings in search results.

However, website visitors can click on these links or copy the links to visit the website. However, these are not counted as backlinks to the website.


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Why Do Nofollow Links Matter?

Backlinks are considered very important in ranking the website, improving website rank in SERPs, and increasing DA – the Domain Authority.

As the nofollow links are not counted as backlinks they are of no use in improving domain authority or increasing website ranking. Now here is the question most people think of, why do nofollow links exist? What’s the point of having a link when it is not counted toward your website?

Looking back in history, the nofollow links are created to fight blog comment spamming early in the 2000s. It is when online businesses found that leaving the website URL on the blog commenting section allows them to rank better in search.

Therefore, many companies started overloading the blogs and similar websites that automatically allowed spam sites to rank high than more valuable and credible websites.

Google found the issue serious and rolled out nofollow links around 2005 so the websites could prevent spammy sites from using their comment section to improve search rankings.

Now, nofollow links have become an essential tool to control spammy content and ensure no spammy content should cheat its way up to rank high In SERPs.


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Best Time To Use Nofollow Links:

Here are a few instances where businesses use nofollow links. Let’s have a look

Blog Comments Section:

The nofollow tags are specially designed for the comment section. Many web builders including WordPress add the nofollow plugin as website essential part to avoid and reduce any spammy links in the comments. It is the most common place to use the nofollow links.


The second common place to put nofollow links is “Forums.” By using nofollow links you can prevent spammy comments. Using nofollow links here prevents spammy comments and keeps the website content genuine and authentic for visitors.

Paid Links:

Paid links are one way to get a nofollow link on any specific website. It is not counted as organic traffic. Google also does not encourage using paid links as organic links.

So, these are a few instances where you can find nofollow links. Nofollow links are a great way to prevent any spammy content directed to your website. Meanwhile, companies can interact and establish good relationships with customers.

Benefits Of Nofollow Links:

Here are a few common benefits you can have by creating nofollow links in the content.

Let’s take a look at five benefits of having nofollow links:

Drive Traffic:

Nofollow links are a big help to drive traffic on any website. Even though these links are not counted toward backlink profiles the traffic still counts. The links are helpful to drive quality traffic to the website as people click on them and interact with the links as they do with any other link.

The more traffic you get on your website, the more it leads to better rankings, more chances of leads, and even more chances of conversions. So, we can say that, even though the links directly do not impact on website, the results of clicks surely do.

While you attract more interested visitors to the site, it automatically increases engagement. Thus, resulting in a boost of dwell time. Every step taken sends a positive signal to the search engine algorithm about the page’s relevancy and increases the website’s ranking in SERPs.

Establish Brand Awareness:

Nofollow links help establish brand awareness. Once the traffic is directed to your website more people know about your business and get informed about the services and products you are selling.

The links help get your business discovered and let people be familiar with it. Therefore, establish your business as a brand faster than you have expected.

Improve Domain Authority:

Improving Domain authority is the dream of every business online. The score does not have any direct impact on your website ranking, but it offers the visitors a good insight into your website and how likely you are to rank in SERPs.

Moreover, DA is important to stay one step ahead in the digital competition. The nofollow links help in improving domain authority – DA as they drive heavy traffic to the website and increase business credibility and trust, automatically leading to an increase in the DA.


As an SEO expert or online business owner, it is important to know what is nofollow link and how it can benefit your business. The nofollow links can be put in forums, comment sections, and paid content to grab visitors. It might not be directly counted in your backlink profiles, but indirectly they help in improving DA and building the business as a brand by increasing its traffic.


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