what are google local service ads

What are Google Local Service Ads?

The blog answers what are Google Local Service Ads.

Google Local Service Ads (LSAs) have gained prominence recently. However, they were first introduced in 2015 in the United States and Canada. Now, almost every business is investing in them.

If your business relies on a local audience, you must know about Googe LSAs. But if you do not have the information, don’t worry. We are here with a complete blog to help you out.

In this blog, we will first answer what are Google Local Service Ads. Then, we will move on to their benefits and what they can do for your business.

In the end, we will tell our readers how they can set up Google LSAs for themselves. Let’s start.


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What are Google Local Service Ads?

So, what are Google Local Service Ads?

Well, as the name suggests, they are paid advertisements. LSAs are placed on search engine result pages when a person is looking for a business.

So, consider that a person in your area is looking for a business in the SEO industry. They search for SEO companies near them and end up finding your business because it is at the top of the page.

Wouldn’t that be just great?

Well, now you can pay Google to do exactly this through Google Locals Service Ads. You can get a spotlight whenever someone searches for a business related to you in your area.

Your business will be the first link they see, and, therefore, they are more likely to visit your website. Not only do LSAs generate more organic traffic, they also generate stronger leads that increase your conversion rate.

But we will get to that in the next section.

What are the Benefits of Local Service Ads?

Now that you know what are Google Local Service Ads, let’s move on!

In this section, we will tell you why you should be investing in Google LSAs. To do so, here are 3 benefits provided to local businesses if they become a part of this campaign:

1. Enhanced Visibility and Lead Generation

Google LSAs guarantee you higher visibility and lead generation.

They do this by placing your ads at the top of the SERPs. A SERP is the first page that appears after someone makes a search query on Google.

Businesses spend thousands of dollars to ensure that they are ranked highly. However, now you can pay a small amount to Google to place your ad at the top of these SERPs for a spotlight.

2. Targeted Advertising

When you opt for this campaign, you target people with your business.

What this means is that only people who are interested in your services will see the ads. Imagine knowing what a person wants and then telling them about your business and services.

You are in a situation where you have the upper hand, and the person is more likely to convert. This targeted advertising brings in more clients and makes you a popular local brand.

3. Build Trust and Credibility

Google LSAs allow you to build trust and credibility.

These ads will provide you with a Google Guarantee badge that makes you more trustworthy. In addition, your overall reviews will also be shown to the person viewing the ad.

Not only are you telling people about your business, but you are also providing them with social proof. Therefore, people are more inclined to rely on your services and the business.

How to Set Up Google Local Service Ads?

Now we know what are Google Local Service Ads and why they are beneficial for local businesses.

In this section, we will tell our readers how to set up Google Local Service Ads in a short guide:

1. Check Whether You are Eligible

First, you will have to check whether this service is available in your area.

It is important to note that Google LSAs are not available everywhere; therefore, you might have to do research.

However, if you are living in the UK, then you are most likely eligible.

2. Create and Apply

If you are eligible, you can move on and start the application procedure.

To apply, you will need to go to the Google Local Service Ads website. Once you are there, create your business online profile.

Ensure that you are providing all of the requirements accurately. Then, apply for the service and wait for approval.

3. Choose a Budget and Pricing

If your application is approved, then you will have to choose pricing and a budget.

Add your preferred payment method. This can be done through your credit card or bank account. In addition, you should set the initial campaign budget.

If you do not know how the payment works, it is better to rely on an expert.

4. Run and Optimise

After your business profile is complete and the payment is selected, run the ads.

In addition, make sure that you keep track of the metrics. If your ads are not performing well, find out why and then optimise them.


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A Quick Summary!

So, what are Google Local Service Ads? Let’s revise!

Google Local Service Ads are a paid campaign that allows local businesses to reach their audience. These ads are placed at the top of SERPs to provide you with a spotlight and attract more clients.

They enhance your credibility and provide a targeted audience that is more likely to convert. In addition, LSAs allow you to build trust and credibility, making you a better option for your prospects.

To set up Google LSAs. Check the eligibility criteria, as they are not available everywhere. If you are eligible, apply for the ads and choose an initial budget. Lastly, run the ads and optimise them for maximum benefit.


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