how to find orphan pages on a website

How to Find Orphan Pages on a Website? A Complete Guide

Are you looking for a guide on how to find orphan pages on a website? Stop your search, because we are here to answer the question.

Orphan page is a term that everyone comes across if they are running a website. You will hear that these pages are bad for your website and can affect your SEO ranking. However, if you do not have the right technical expertise, you will have a hard time resolving this problem. Therefore, we are here to help you.

In this blog, we will tell our readers everything they need to know about orphan pages. We will start off by telling you what orphan pages are and whether you should invest in resolving them. Then we will tell you how to find orphan pages on a website and how you can resolve the issue yourself.

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What is an Orphan URL?

An orphan URL is a page on your website that does not link to any other part of the website. This page can only be accessed directly using the URL. Therefore, this page will not be ranked, and your audience will probably never come across it on your website. Orphan pages are created due to negligence or the intention of the user. You get what orphan pages are, but should you really be concerned about them?

Do You Really Need to be Concerned About Orphan Pages?

If you are reading this article about how to find orphan pages on a website, that means that you are currently facing the problem. And you shouldn’t be surprised to know that these pages do create problems for your site. Following are some of the reasons orphan pages are problematic and require your immediate attention:

1. Lower SEO Ranking

If a page is not linked to your website, it might not be properly indexed and therefore not ranked. Indexing is basically a procedure that search engines carry out to determine what your content is about. Once they know what your page shows, they rank it on SERPs to attract an audience for you. If your page is not indexed, it means that Google hasn’t picked it up. Therefore, it will not appear to most users.

2. User Experience

Imagine you are clicking on a link that does not open up to the desired section of the website. You will be frustrated. That is exactly what your prospects experience when they come across a link that does not lead anywhere. This makes them question your authority and credibility.

3. Analytics Reports

If you have numerous orphan pages on your website, you might be being fed the wrong analytics. Therefore, your decision-making could be seriously affected, leading to a waste of money. That’s why it is important to resolve all problems concerned with orphan pages.

How to Find Orphan Pages on a Website?

Now you know what an orphan page is and why you should invest your time in resolving them. Let’s move on to the next step and learn how to find orphan pages on a website. Follow the guide below, and you will experience immediate effects.

1. Generate a List of All Website Links

Start the procedure by generating a list of all of the links that your website has. You can do this by using a web crawler to automatically scan your website. Once it has scanned all of the pages, export the list.

2. Recognise the Orphan Pages

Now that you have a list of all of the pages, start identifying orphan pages. There are various tools you can use, such as Google Search Console, to help you. Check for pages with no internal links and list them down.

3. Cross Out Pages that are not Meant to be Linked

Once you have a list of pages with no internal links, there will be two types. The first have been created purposefully, such as dynamic pages, login pages, and error pages. The second is what you should be concerned about, as they have been created due to negligence.

4. Review the Remaining Pages

Once you have the list of pages that are meant to be internally linked, you need to review them. Check the quality of the content on the page, its relevance, and its target audience. Optimise them so they can easily be linked to your website.

5. Add Internal Links to Connect These Pages with Your Website

In the last step of how to find orphan pages on a website, you will need to connect the pages to your website. By now, you must have a good idea of where they can be connected. Make sure you link them to the relevant section of the website to avoid any confusion.

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A Quick Summary!

Our guide on how to find orphan pages on a website starts with generating a list of all website links and checking for orphan pages. Then, you should cross out pages that are intentionally not linked and review the remaining pages. Once that is done, add internal links to these pages to connect with the right section on your website.

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