how to conduct an SEO competitor analysis

How to Conduct an SEO Competitor Analysis for 2024

This blog will tell you how to conduct an SEO competitor analysis for 2024.

Conducting a competitor analysis has become a major part of the content strategy for most businesses. No matter which industry you operate in, you will need a strong online presence and, for that,  an SEO competitor analysis.

Nevertheless, if you are new to SEO, it can be hard to grasp the term comprehensively. This blog is for those who are struggling to understand the term SEO competitor analysis.

In this blog, we will tell you about what an SEO competitor analysis is and why it matters. After that, you will be given a five-step guide on how to conduct an SEO competitor analysis.

Let’s begin!


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What is an SEO Competitor Analysis?

So what do we mean by an SEO competitor analysis?

Well, to begin, it involves going through your competitor’s website and making an evaluation. You look through the content that they are publishing and analyse how it is different from yours.

In addition, you check how their content is performing in comparison to yours. If you see that their website is getting more visitors, then for you, that means that they are taking your clients.

Therefore, during the analysis, you uncover backlink opportunities, evaluate your content strategy, discover new keywords, and stay updated on industry trends.

If done properly, an SEO competitor analysis can enhance your ranking as you find new ways to optimise your website. In addition, you can also discover gaps in the competitor’s website that you could fill with prospects.

So that is what we mean by an SEO competitor analysis. 

Why Should You Conduct an SEO Competitor Analysis?

Now that you know what an SEO competitor analysis is, let’s move on.

In this section, our readers will be given three different reasons why they should conduct an SEO competitor analysis. Although it may seem too boring for some people, big businesses focus on it for their business growth.

Here are some reasons why an SEO competitor analysis is important:

1. Identify Relevant Keywords

When you conduct an SEO competitive analysis, you find relevant keywords that you can target.

While going through the website of your competition, you will come across blogs and pages that you are not targeting. Maybe these pages are the reason why your competitor is outcompeting you in business.

However, it can be difficult for the naked to spot these keywords at first sight. You will need the expertise to learn why your rivals are using certain keywords and what their results are.

2. Discover Effective SEO Strategies

It is nothing to be ashamed of if your competitors are performing better than you.

You should see this as an opportunity to learn about the industry and SEO. If you feel that their SEO strategy is better than yours, inspect what they are doing differently.

If it seems that it is something you should be investing in, evaluate and optimise your SEO strategy. Doing this allows you to always be ahead of the curve.

3. Gain a Competitive Edge

If you want to learn how to conduct an SEO competitor analysis, you must be looking for a competitive advantage.

In modern times, every market is crowded. The top firms are trying to stay in power while the new businesses try to push them down.

Conduct an SEO competitor analysis, and you will learn about their strategy. You can only compete when you are certain of what other businesses are doing in your industry.

How to Conduct an SEO Competitor Analysis in 5 Steps

By now, you must know what an SEO competitor analysis is and why it matters. Let’s move ahead.

Now we are going to give you a five-step procedure on how to conduct an SEO competitor analysis. This guide will give you an edge if followed till the end.

1. Identify and List Your Competitors

Your analysis begins by clearly identifying your competitors. Look for businesses that directly and indirectly compete with you.

You can also use tools such as Semrush to see what businesses are targeting your primary keywords. The businesses that are doing it are most likely to be your competitors.
Make a list of these businesses before proceeding ahead.

2. Analyse Their Keywords

Now that you have a list, analyse their keywords by going through their website.

Start by scanning the main pages, landing pages, and blogs. Check how those keywords are performing and where they rank for those keywords.

By doing this, you will find new keywords that have a high potential of getting you ranked as well.

3. Evaluate Backlink Profiles

Next, you need to check their backlink profiles.

Backlinks play a key role in ranking websites. Check who is providing them with backlinks to raise their authority.

You might also be able to reach out to these third-party websites to gain backlinks.

4. Identify SEO Techniques

After that, you need to identify their SEO techniques.

Check out how they have structured their website and why they have done it that way. In addition, inspect their internal links.

Finding SEO techniques will allow you to optimise your website. You will have many points to cover and to learn from.

5. Summarise and Optimise

It’s almost over. In the last step, you need to summarise your key findings.

Use these insights to optimise your content strategy. Incorporate new keywords into your content strategy. Reach out to more people to build backlinks.

Lastly, optimise your SEO strategy so that it is always one step ahead of your competitors. 


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A Quick Summary

This blog provides a detailed answer on how to conduct an SEO competitor analysis.

An SEO competitor analysis involves inspecting competitor websites to find out what they are doing differently. By doing so, you learn about a lot of new techniques.

To conduct the analysis, start by identifying competitors and analysing their keywords. Next, evaluate their backlink profiles and SEO techniques. Lastly, summarise your findings and incorporate them into your current strategy.

If you do not have the right expertise, you will need assistance from experts for effective evaluation.


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