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Technical SEO for E-Commerce: A Complete Guide

Are you are running an online store, then you need to learn about technical SEO for e-commerce.

When you are running an e-commerce website, the higher your rank, the more clients you will attract. Imagine that when someone searches for a product you sell, the first option they get is your website. They will be compelled to purchase the product from you. But how exactly do you ensure your e-commerce website is ranked at the top of search engines?

This is where technical SEO for e-commerce can help you. In this blog, we will look at what technical SEO for e-commerce is and some of its benefits. Then, we will give you expert tips on how to conduct technical SEO for your e-commerce website. Read till the end to learn how you can achieve outstanding business growth that has a long-term impact.

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What is Technical SEO for E-Commerce?

Technical SEO for e-commerce refers to a set of techniques that can be used to optimise your website for search engines. It involves optimising the website’s backend as well as the code to let the algorithms understand your website. Once the algorithms know what your website is about and what products it sells, you will be ranked higher for their related searches.

The Benefits of Technical SEO for E-Commerce

It is highly important that your e-commerce website is optimised. If you ignore the importance of technical SEO, you will struggle to generate high revenue. Therefore, you need to invest in your SEO efforts, as it comes with many rewards. Following are some of the benefits of technical SEO for e-commerce.

1. Improved SEO Ranking

Investing in technical SEO ranks you higher on search engines. This establishes you as a recognised brand. Your online store has become a well-known company, attracting new clients and increasing your organic traffic and CTR.

2. More Sales

Once you get the attention that you deserve, you will see your sales increase rapidly. It’s simple: Your website appears to more people when they search for products. That’s why your sales are bound to increase.

3. Enhanced Trust and Credibility

When you are ranking at the top of search engines, people see that as a sign of credibility. It shows them that for the product they want to purchase, you are the best provider in the industry. Therefore, they will choose your product instead of searching for your competitors.

How to do Technical SEO for E-Commerce?

Let’s learn how you can optimise your website with technical SEO. This guide will help you take the initial steps, but you will need to manage your site continuously to maintain a high ranking.

1. Run a Site Audit

Start with running a site audit of your e-commerce website. Doing this will allow you to learn about the problems with your website. You will find that there is duplicate content, broken links, missing titles, and incomplete tags.

2. Fix the Identified Issues 

Now that you have identified the issues with your website, it’s time to fix them. Problems such as duplicate content can lead to keyword cannibalization. In addition, orphan pages signal algorithms that your website is not well integrated, therefore it is ranked lower. So make sure that you solve these problems regularly. 

3. Optimise for Crawlibility and Indexability

Your content will only be ranked once the search engine algorithms understand what it is about. They do this by crawling and indexing. To assist them, create and submit an XML sitemap to the search engine. In addition, use robots.txt and canonical tags to manage crawling.

4. Optimise Your Product and Category Pages

Technical SEO for e-commerce also includes optimising product and category pages. Ensure that your title and tags are clear and concise. Also, make sure that you are choosing the appropriate keywords while writing the content, such as product descriptions.

5. Monitor Your Website

Technical SEO is not a one-time process; you will need to monitor your website regularly. This will help you tackle issues as they arise. It is always better to have a team of SEO experts to help you out.

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The Bottom Line

Technical SEO for e-commerce websites is extremely important for business growth. It assists you by improving your search engine ranking. Once you start getting ranked, you will generate more sales while establishing brand credibility and trust.

Start your technical SEO efforts by running a website audit to identify the problems. After pinpointing the problems, you need to resolve them by eradicating duplicate content and other relevant fixes. Next, optimise your website for crawlability and indexing with XML sitemaps. In addition, ensure that your titles and tags have also been optimised. It is important to remember that technical SEO is not a one-time process, so monitor your website regularly.

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