How to find ranking of website

How to Find Ranking of Website

Ranking is the most crucial element of SEO. Every SEO expert crafts a strategy that aims for a higher ranking on SERPs. But here is the question: how to find ranking of website or any keyword on the search engines?

Checking the ranking of websites is routine work of SEO. It helps to see where your campaign stands, how effective your strategy is, and where your keywords are positioned on search engine pages. By checking keyword rankings on the website, you can work accordingly.

Here in this blog, we will discuss how to find a ranking of a website, its importance, and ways to improve it. So, let’s get started:

Importance of Website Ranking:

With a high website ranking on different search engines like Google and Bing, the website gets more traffic and visibility and has more chances to generate revenue.

Let’s understand it with the example. Suppose you run a business that sells tracksuits or gym suits. You can work on keywords like best gym wear for workouts. With an effective strategy built around the keyword, your website can be shown higher on search engines.

The search engine will show a list of websites on the search pages when specific keywords like “best gym wear for workouts” are typed by the users. The most helpful and relevant results are shown higher on search pages. The position of your page on search engines against the keyword is called keyword rankings.


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How to find ranking of website?

Here are three common ways to find ranking of a website:

Check manually:

The fastest and simplest way to check keyword ranking is the manual method. All you need to do is open a search engine page like Google or Bing and check the SERP by typing the keyword. However, it is pertinent to know here that the manual method might be the easiest. Still, there are more accurate ways to learn the actual position of your keyword on Google.

It is because google personalises the search results for every person. You might see the results according to it rather than according to their actual position on SERP.

Here are a few ways that can help improve the accuracy of search results, and you can get the actual results of website rankings.

  • Delete or Disable cookies: By blocking or deleting the cookies at the time you are checking ranking on SERP, it helps in improvising the results.
  • Use incognito mode: Private mode or incognito mode in any web browser helps you to use the search engine without the already set cookies.
  • Use pws Parameter: Another effective way to make manual ranking check more accurate is by adding the “&pws=0” parameter at the end of the SERP URL. It turns off the personal web search so you can get accurate results.


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These tips help in providing somewhat accurate data but still it isn’t easy to do on massive level with dosens of keywords. Therefore, the second and third ways are used mainly.

Google Search Console:

The second way is to use GSC – Google Search Console. It is the most common tool for checking website rankings. The search console provides valuable information about keyword position in SERPs, impressions, and CTR, along with the relevant website’s technical data.

It is important to know here that to use GSC, you might need sound knowledge and experience, but when it comes to website ranking, it is pretty simple and straightforward.

Here is how you can find website ranking on Google Search Console

  • Go to the section of “Search Results,” where you can see the graph with “Total clicks,” “Average CTR,” “Average position,” and “Total Impressions” metrics.
  • Under the graphs, you can see the section “Pages.” Click on it and choose the specific page you want to check for the website’s ranking.
  • Once you have clicked on it, go to the Queries section to see the keywords and their current rankings on the SERPs. You can use filters like Data, Compare, and Click differences to get the most accurate results.

Google Search Console is undoubtedly a great tool to help find website ranking, but for beginners, using GSC can be tricky. Therefore, the third way is often used by beginners in the field.

Use different Search Tools:

Apart from GSC or manual search, you can use different website tools to find rankings, such as SEMrush, Ahref, or HOTH.

How to improve website ranking?

Here are a few ways to improve and gain a high website ranking on SERPs:

  • Choose the right keyword
  • Create High-Quality Content
  • Use and implement On-page optimisation strategies
  • Work on getting good backlinks
  • Improvise the technical SEO
  • Optimise images
  • Work on Internal Linking


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So that’s all about how to find ranking of website! The ranking is a crucial part of an SEO campaign. The higher ranking means your strategy is effective. By using online tools like Google Search Console, you can also create effective campaigns for websites.

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