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Accotax - Accountants & Tax Consultants

Accotax is UK’s established online accountancy and tax consultancy firm. Accotax offer tech-savvy and traditional accounting solutions for all business types, startups, contractors, and landlords.

Client: Accotax

Project Date: July 2020

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Challenges and Solutions

Accotax was struggling to get the top ranking on their money keywords. After getting Accotax Project, SEOSYRUP team starts working on website audit. Accotax site was not well structured and user friendly, so team suggest them to revamp the site. After Audit report, team found a huge number of issues like missing canonical tags, plagiarism, keyword cannibalisation, and many more…

Accotax wants SEOSYRUP to rank their site on most difficult keywords like “Accountants in London”, “Landlord accountants in London”, “Startup Accountants in London”, “SPV Accountants in London” and 200 + more such keywords.

SEOSYRUP team creates effective SEO strategy and team starts with the website redesign and content revamping. After completing this, team move to the other issues fixing and then implement the SEO strategy. The targeting keywords were very competitive and accotax was not in top hundred results, so it was quite challenging, but team decided go for it.

After fixing the technical issues and revamping content, website design, accotax site start appearing in top hundred results. With some high quality backlinks and effective SEO strategy Accotax start ranking in top 10 on it money keywords. There is a great increase in ranking, traffic, and leads.

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10x More Effective Results

Increase in overall sessions 86%
Increase in organic traffic 75%
Increase in organic revenue 51%
Increase in search visibility 98%

Effective Results

Link Building and Keywords Overview

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Quality backlinks were generated in last 3 month

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Keywords are ranking on the first page of SERPS

Client’s Review

From The Clients

After working with the SEO syrup for one year, I was surprised to see my website traffic skyrocket. It almost doubled after just 1 year! Not only do they resolve all technical issues on our end, but the experts make sure your site is reaching its potential by implementing strategies for high ranking  SERPs.

Olivia Taylor


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